Read or Decide?

I’ve spent a couple days trying to read through another of my incomplete WIPs without success. I’ve managed a little, but not much. Part of my mind insists on reading through everything, but the rest just wants to figuratively throw everything in eh air and make a decision right now. Can’t figure out what I should do.

Would kind of like a tarot reading on the issue, but I’m unwilling to ask my Daz for another, and I don’t feel confident enough of my own skills with the tarot (I’m just barely starting to learn) to do it. Probably going to have to bite the bullet and do so, though. My new early birthday gift tarot deck came in today. Bought it for myself for a variety of reasons, and I’m eager to do more than just shuffle the cards. There are way too many WIPs for me to choose from, so I’ll probably have to narrow the question down to “make a decision or not?” for the reading. Not sure what spread to use, as I want a good look at what’s going into my issues with reading the projects, but I don’t want to have to do a full Celtic Cross spread for it.

As things stand right now, I’m somewhat decided on what I’d like to work on beginning October: 1) Unwritten Letters — Actually decided on this, and I’m feeling impatient to get to it, which is probably part of what’s driving my desire to make a decision right now; 2) JID1 — I’m also fairly decided on this one. It’s languished for too long and holds enough fascination for me that it shouldn’t have been abandoned for so long, it’s just that it’s so much work and part of that work causes anxiety that I think keeps me stalled on it even with as enthusiastic about it as I am; 3) Brother Exile and Brother King — I have a very firm idea of the ultimate ending of this WIP, which is usually what I need, and the story is fun to work on (I really like the POVMC), but this is another I just haven’t been able to move on at all.

To be honest, I’ve been pretty much decided on these WIPs since I made the list in my previous post. So I think part of my psyche is balking at reading through the entire list of stories because of that. It’s thinking in my little hindbrain back there, If I’ve already decided what to work on, why do I need to read through the rest of these stories? And, I think it also wants to use this month to prepare for the writing to begin next month. Which would I guess include working on outlines for UL and JID1, making a decision on whether I want to reverse outline BEBK, and creating a nominal schedule for my life to be initiated on October First.

So, I guess I’ll stop trying to force myself to read for a day or two—say until Monday—and then make a decision on just what I want to do. I’ll examine my thoughts on it and try to draw the subconscious stuff to the surface. Maybe get or struggle through readings on one, a few, or (gasp!) all of the listed WIPs. We’ll see.