I Remembered Something

It’s been a mildly frustrating evening for me. The past few hours, I’ve been restless and unfocused, trying to find something to distract myself with. Finally, I’ve chosen my top pick—the first project—I had for my Fool’s Errand project, Unwritten Letters. I originally intended to do a bit of a read through on it, but I remembered something about it.

Not only do I have a number of handwritten one-liners for the last scenes, but I actually have a Scapple file with the last several scenes listed. See, the last time I worked on UL, I buckled down and got these last dozen or so scenes very briefly sketched out in preparation for fully plotting them. Then I moved away from the project and abandoned it again when I couldn’t figure out an essential bit in the first scene listed in this way.

So now I have a clear idea of the ending of UL, and reading through these listed scenes is giving me ideas for plotting them. I’ve shuffled one or two to better fit in the chronology. For instance, I thought an engagement announcement a couple characters make later on in this lineup would be better positioned earlier in the lineup. Stuff like that.

What I have to do now is figure out what the prophetic dream Merolén has is in the first listed scene, and then I can finish plotting this story out. It feels good to be working on this again, and I feel enthusiastic about it. This project may well be finished in a timely manner now.