Going Quite Well!

This week, things went quite well! I’ve made steady progress on Unwritten Letters with writing 5 out of 7 days, and I’ve decided what to work on next.

My next step with UL is to write up a plot card. I’ve been doing these as one-ahead of the one I’m writing from, and it seems to be a good system. This has allowed me to backbrain things on the Scapple notes I have for these closing scenes of UL, which has been a good thing. I’ve cut some notes, added others, and combined still more. This is not, mind you, to make a more concise ending for UL, but to make it better overall. I’ll be opening the Scapple file tomorrow to look the notes over and make any changes necessary before writing up Plot Card #83 on UL, and I’m looking forward to that. As I have been pretty much since I started writing in October, I’ll be counting what I type up for the plot card as my writing for the day, since such entries typically surpass 250 words anyway. Why not count it, right?

The next project I’ll be working on for my Fool’s Errand is Masters of the Schism 1. As all my projects, this is a story of the heart, but more so than others. I don’t know how far I’ll get with this series, or if it’s even possible for me to complete it. Suffice it to say, I’m writing this mostly for my benefit, but I want to do a for-fun project before I decide on my next Going To Publish project. If I had any idea how long this series was going to be, I’d happily slate it for future publishing, but I won’t publish anything that doesn’t close major plot threads, and I think MOTS1 is just going to open a bunch of things. Really, I probably wouldn’t have decided to write on MOTS1 except that I adore all three POV characters, and I’ve wanted to work with them all again since I gave up on making the original version of this book go anywhere.

What does that mean, you ask? Back in October of 2016, I stopped writing on the original version of MOTS1, titled The Sovereign Elect, because it was getting long-winded. It had meandered somewhat because I didn’t know its ending. There were three plot threads, and only two of them had any detail; #3 was much briefer. So I set it aside and said I wouldn’t work on it again until I figured out how to end book 1.

And that happened earlier this week. Or perhaps late last week. I’m not sure. Things are a little hazy. Anyway, I figured out the endings to all three plot threads for the 3 primary MCs. Over the course of two days this week, I read through what I had of the original version of MOTS1 and copied out the scenes I wanted to keep for the new version (1.2) of MOTS1. In doing this, I discovered that none of the three storylines were really complete, which means I have a lot more writing to do. I really expect this version to go up to at least 90k, and I won’t be at all surprised if it surpasses 100k.

Part of the reason why I chose this project is because I’m feeling enthusiastic about it. Not just because I know how it ends, but also because now I know what to bloody well do with it. As I said, I adore the three MCs, and it’s a series I’ve always wanted to work on. Who knows. If I complete this and a couple more books in this series, I may post them to Wattpad. Not making any promises about it, but it’s a distinct possibility. If not, this will probably end up some epic series. I’m hoping to keep this to 6-9 books, but can’t tell just how that’ll happen from this end. This is a case where I’m sort of writing blind with a project, hence the fact this is currently at the status of a Story of the Heart.

So that’s where things stand now. Looking forward to the next week of writing!