Yay, Another Week Over!

This week was a bit tougher than previous weeks, though it wasn’t as awful as that one week in October, when I did little writing at all. Instead of not writing, I managed to write later than usual. On more than one day this week, I didn’t start working on my tasks, including writing, until after 18:00. I still managed to be productive pretty much every day, but It was a challenge.

Unwritten Letters is still going strong. I wrote on it five days this week, adding at least 300 words most days, if not more. Also, I had to do a plot card on it, and tomorrow may have me doing another. I haven’t looked at the project at all today, so I’m not sure if my thinking that the most recent plot card is all done being written from. Before I make that decision, I need to review it.

My next project, Masters of the Schism 1: “This Book Needs a Title” started off well this week, with me getting two plot cards on it. I’ve also started working on the character list for this as well, as it’ll be slightly different than what I had before. This is because I’m touching on different periods and aspects of my MCs’ lives and there are different people in at least two of their lives in this version of the book.

So that’s where things stand this week!